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2499 Swine Finish Barn Near Carson, IA

2499 Head Wean to Finisher Swine barn in O’Neill, NE

This grower will produce for Cactus Family Farms.  This is an EPS pre engineered building.  When finished, this barn will have full AP feed and ventilation packages, Farmweld Penning, Marting Feeders and Vittetoe Cups.

5000 Head Wean to Finish Swine barn in Laurel, NE

They are working on the framing of this barn now.  This barn is going to utilize solar to help with electrical needs.  This barn will also have Farmweld penning and feeders, AP feed and ventilation, and SDI water cups.

2499 Swine Finish Barn Near Plainview, NE

2499 Swine Finish Barn Near Plainview, NE 2

6000hd Nursery Near Plainview, NE

Cactus Family Farms Wean to Market near O’Neill, NE

Sow Site Remodel Near Pilger, NE

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